Event | EU-ASEAN Dialogue on Green Technology Innovation Mapping (GreenTech): Green Technologies for Sustainable Manufacturing

The Green Technologies for Sustainable Manufacturing event aims at providing a platform for dialogue between technology developers and users from Europe, Vietnam, other ASEAN Member States in order to stimulate cooperation and transfer of manufacturing technology and development of local capacities and competencies to apply them successfully.

Green technologies are key to sustainable new products, services, and manufacturing processes, essential for realizing Green Growth. They combine the opportunity to fuel economic growth and socio-economic development with a high potential to contribute to sustainable development, environment improvements, reduction of greenhouse gases, reduction, and mitigation of the effects of climate change and achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For the manufacturing sector of Vietnam and of other ASEAN Member States, Green technologies are of particular importance because they are the basis for the best possible use of natural resources and energy, protection of health and wellbeing of workers, consumer and society and reduction of CO2, other green house gases and emissions while at the same time also creating new sustainable employment and economic growth and benefits for the economy and society.

The Green Technologies for Sustainable Manufacturing will help amplify awareness, to promote EU-ASEAN Technology Cooperation and Transfer and to create a platform for dialogues on Technology Markets and Innovators, state-of-the-art and future perspective of Sustainable Manufacturing and its key elements are discussed, and new technologies and solution to be presented to lay grounds for future collaborations.  The event will contribute to the sustainable green growth by fostering EU-ASEAN Technology Transfer, Research Cooperation and Science & Technology Innovation in Sustainable Technologies and to prove the feasibility and value of this approach in three pilot sectors: Plastic Waste Management, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Covid-19 research cooperation. Specifically, it endeavors to:

  • Create awareness and platforms for dialogues on technology markets and innovators to promote EU-ASEAN technology cooperation and transfer in these pilot sectors;
  • Raise awareness and promote EU-ASEAN green technology transfer among both European and ASEAN counterparts to create interest and joint commitment among stakeholders in the pilot sectors;
  • Identify high-potential thematic topics and candidate organizations for EU-ASEAN green technology transfer, in sectors which offer the highest value potential for Green Growth;
  • Demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of green technology transfer and of related capacity building, competency, and skill development in successful EU-ASEAN pilot projects where European and ASEAN industries agree to transfer such green technologies.

The program will start with 4 pre-conference online workshops on March 22nd with practitioners from government authorities, industry, SMEs, and researchers will have the opportunity to discuss with each other the Pros and Cons of successful Green Technology Innovation.

The main online conference on March 23rd will build on this and provide participants with complementary opportunities in two 2-hour plenary sessions (morning and afternoon). Meet leading policy representatives from the European Commission, Vietnam, Binh Duong Province, and ASEAN to learn about strategies for Green Growth, hear about best practice examples of successful Green Innovators and the state-of-the-art in innovative Green Technologies and get inspired by complementary discussing on the Green Deal, Europe’s new strategy for Green Growth and on the opportunities to innovate beyond bonders in an ASEAN-wide Green Technology-based cooperation.


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