Trade shows & exhibitions
WTC EXPO is located in one of the most strategic locations for the Trade Shows and Exhibitions – Binh Duong New City. As a location regarded as one of the most developed industrial hubs of Vietnam, Binh Duong New City is the ideal destination for all Trade Shows & Exhibitions in Vietnam.
We have changed the landscape of the industry in Vietnam by choosing the most convenient locations for all Trade Shows & Exhibition. We focus specifically on the strengths of the region, which is the industrial sector. It’s not only provides the best benefits for trade show organizers and exhibitors, but also for the local business that can seize the opportunity to further expand their business networks.
Business MatchMaking is the most efficient way to find, meet, and talk to new collaboration partners in short, one-to-one either onsite or online. WTC Binh Duong New City is a business support organization. As such, we recognize the necessity for an organization to deliver support for the local and international business community and help bridge the gap between.To ensure that is possible and for our visitors and exhibitors to make the most out of their experience at WTC EXPO, we offer the additional service of providing Business Matchmaking services for all attendees whether it is onsite or offline to make their visit memorable and resourceful as possible.
We not only provide serious one-to-one Business Matchmaking, but also provide casual social gatherings for network purposes. We believe that business relationships are built through serious encounters but also must be improved through casual social encounters. Join us at our regular WTC social gatherings to expand your networks!
Trade information
We provide easy access to the most up to date information about regulations and procedures to traders. Our aim is to make trade more inclusive and enhance supply chain resilience in times of crisis – both in the domestic and international market. Trade Information should be easily accessible; however it is not too much. Large corporations generally have no problem finding the most up to date information, but for MSMEs the issue lies in the accessibility of information and the cost associated with obtaining it.
We work to improve the global business environment and help local and international enterprises have the necessary information to compete at home and aboard. Our dedicated team not only works with trade associations and organizations within Vietnam, but also has access to a wide range of information through our World Trade Center Association network.
The fundamental education program is the World Future Leader program, which is an internship for students pursuing the path of international trade.Through this we strive to help the younger population gain first-hand experience of their future career path and provide the workforce with more skilled individuals to help contribute to the development of the global economy.
Vietnam is actively participating in one of the most Free Trade Agreements around the globe. Therefore, it is essential that companies doing cross-border trading have accessibility to the knowledge on regulations and standards of their products. With that, we regularly host 1-day to 3-month training programs on ISO certification and Certificate of Origin training
WTC Binh Duong New City always strives to improve the business environment, helping domestic and foreign businesses to have all the necessary information in this time of the international market. Our dedicated & professional workforce has connections with trade associations and organizations in Vietnam and has access to a wealth of important information through the World Trade Center Association network. WTC BDNC provides traders with instant access to the latest regulatory and procedural information. Our goal is to provide comprehensive commercial services and strengthen supply chain resilience in times of crisis at home and abroad.
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