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Trade Shows
and Exhibitions

Events in Bình Dương are platforms for international trade and commerce. WTC Binh Duong New City is a destination to host to many of the world’s premier international trade exhibitions representing numerous industries. Many of these are also part of the International Buyer Program.

World Trade Acedamy

WTC Binh Duong new city is recognized as an important destination for the exchange of ideas that promote trade. One of the reasons for this distinction is because we provide trade education services on a varying set of topics. This happens through conferences, country-specific seminars, and workshops. We work closely with government agencies, chambers of commerce & large corporations to establish forums for dialogues, education and training to predominantly aid the transfer of knowledge to our clients.

Information Centre

WTC Binh Duong New city offers trade information and market research data to help clients identify strong and growing markets, both locally and globally. Such information & data is essential to understand market dynamics before planning investment strategies. This gives our clients the advantage of determining a product or service’s potential for growth in a particular market – clearly, knowledge is power!


To ensure that visitors and exhibitors make the most of their time at WTC Expo, a free online business matching solution will provide opportunities allows to search, identify and screen potential partners: be it a supplier, buyer, agent, manufacturer, service provider or distributor for targeted networking and meetings. By registering on the platform the service will put interested parties in contact based on their stated interests and needs, and schedule one-to-one business meetings.


Understanding the difficulties and inconveniences of visitors and exhibitors when coming to Binh Duong New City, WTC Fast Connect was established as a solution to connect WTC Binh Duong New City with important traffic spots in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, surrounding provinces and other destinations in Binh Duong province. With that vision, WTC Fast Connect has formed a connection with Tan Son Nhat airport, local and international airlines, industrial parks, famous hotels and tourist attractions to create a private flexible route for our members. On top of that, this project will also put into operation vehicles such as Metro and 5-star bus routes together with a luxury Dcar shuttle system that is the fastest, easiest and most comfortable system.

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    With international network and local insights and expertise, the
    WTC Binh Duong New City is ready to serve your international trade needs.

    28,8 billions USD Binh Duong exports 28.8 billion USD in 2019, 10% national’s export value.

    #2 FDI Attraction
    32,9 billions USD Binh Duong ranks #2 in FDI attraction, 34.92 billion USD in 2019

    Industrial Production
    Accounts for 10% of Vietnam’s export value, 13% national industrial production