News | Restructuring HR post Covid-19

Talents is the most precious resource to help business overcome crisis.
Facing the unprecedented challenges posted by the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are trying to find new ways, new products, new technology to weather the storm. The WTC Binh Duong New City, in partnership with various local and international organizations, is planning a series of online conferences, to provide the most updated knowledge, skills and strategies to support the business community to find the opportunities from the challenges.
The topic for April is human resources during and post Covid 19.

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28,8 billions USD Binh Duong exports 28.8 billion USD in 2019, 10% national’s export value.

#2 FDI Attraction
32,9 billions USD Binh Duong ranks #2 in FDI attraction, 34.92 billion USD in 2019

Industrial Production
Accounts for 10% of Vietnam’s export value, 13% national industrial production