In within the VMARK VIETNAM DESIGN WEEK | INTERIOR 2021 to be held in May 2021 – The Organizing Committee of Vietnam Interior Design Awards VMARK continues to launch the Predator Brand Shop Design Contest.

With the spirit of “Summon Your Strength”, the contest is created with the purpose of finding a unique and innovative brand shop design concept for the Predator computer brand. The winning project will be developed into a brand shop chain to experience the Predator models and other Acer models in the Vietnam market. 

The Predator Brand Shop Design Contest will be officially launched on March 5, 2021, and will be honored at VMARK Vietnam Interior Design Week in May 2021. 

The Organizing Committee has decided to take inspiration in the childhood memories of Vietnamese generation, when we usually sneak out to play PC games in the local Internet shop nearby. With the new Predator Brand Shop, we and our younger generations, too, can easily access the Gaming world with the super-fast PC systems that support various kinds of games for many hours; and still can recall the childhood Internet shop vibe. With the spirit of“Summon your strength” of the Predator gaming laptop segment, VDAS has combined the uniqueness, creativity, dynamism, enthusiasm, freedom and personality of Vietnamese young people, into creating a Signature Brand Shop. This will be a classy display, shopping and experience complex of Acer Predator series for gamers and customers, who have been “hungering” for a powerful PC system. Thanks to the cooperation with Acer, VDAS can continue our mission of connecting the design community between the domestic and foreign businesses, in order to promote the development of society and enhance Vietnam’s position in the international market.

With an unlimited range from geography, age, major, to ideas, the Predator Brand Shop Design Contest promises to become the “arena” for designers to unleash their talent in front of colleagues, organizations, domestic and foreign designers.

Spirit and the Award structure

Predator belongs to the Acer gaming laptop product segment, together with  Nitron and Aspire. In particular, the Predator series inherit a gaming design, with definitive edges. Possessing up-to-date processors, powerful cooling systems, … Predator models are likely a whole system PC in a mini laptop. Therefore, with this contest, Acer wants to create conditions for users, especially gamers, to experience the high-class gaming laptops through the multitasking brand shop chain. Therefore, the Predator brand shop does not just stop at the experience features, but also integrates the smart, convenient and unique interior design, which is in the spirit of the Predator Acer gaming laptop, in order to attract customers to the shop. This is considered to be a challenge for designers to conquer and unleash their creativity, while combining two features in one place, product display and sale area.

Board of Judges and Advisors

The Acer’s Predator brand shop Design contest and VDAS bring together distinguished professors and world-class experts who are representatives from creative organizations and associations in the interior design industry to become the jury. In addition, the Contest would be more valuable by the present of senior representatives from Acer Vietnam. With the jury of great caliber, the participating projects will surely receive objective comments and reviews on talent, aesthetics, creativity and practical application value.


  • Professional Designers: Designers come from professional design organizations and businesses
  • Young Designers / Students: Students to experts in interior design, architecture, construction, even those who love design and have creative ideas.


Participating benefit:

The winning projects will be honorably displayed at  VMARK Design Week 2020 – 2021 Exhibition; and receive attractive prizes with a total value of more than 100 million VND. This is an opportunity for young designers to improve their skills  with breakthrough ideas, overcoming limits, opening up valuable opportunities in the future, especially opportunities for cooperation with well-known Acer brands.

Contact information:

Mr. Hồ Tấn Dương 

President of VDAS Design Association | HCMC – Vietnam

Head of Organization Board of Predator brand shop Design Contest 2021

Saigon Innovation Hub , 273 Dien Bien Phu street, Ward 10, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam

T: 0909 999 960

Email:  –  W.


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